Fermanoglou Architects & Associates

Fermanoglou Architects & Associates is a firm based in Athens from 2008 and created by Yorgos and Nicolas Fermanoglou.

The office undertakes projects of different needs and complexions, such as high standard private residencies, commercial and office buildings. No matter the project, we are always trying to exceed our clients’ needs by tailor-made work.

Our objective is the evolution of the architectural and constructional knowledge we inherited by our father Kostas Fermanoglou and uncle Simos Fermanoglou , whose influence is reflected on Fermanoglou architects & associates work.

Our aim is to combine our knowledge with every client’s personal desire, and manage to incorporate a contemporary touch to our designs, while trying to offer “the harmony of good living, using the majesty of the simplicity”.

The core value of the office lies in three basic principles;

Aesthetic | Functionality | Efficiency